A several day trip


A several day trip


In this itinerary, your vacation starts in Medulin. Along 80 km of well-developed coastline, bays and coves, we find six picturesque places. Just like our own planet, more than three quarters of the Riviera are covered with top quality sea. From almost every vantage point, you can admire the great blue surface, with the richness of flora and fauna intensifying the quality of your stay. On the one side, the wild untamed nature, and on the other comfortable hotels, camps and suites, with a wide range of programs, present an ideal vacation resource. You will be accommodated in a newly-built hotel situated directly next to the sea, across a small fishing harbor, along the quayside promenade. With professional team always be at your service, their acts of kindness, a smile and the warm feeling of home, is what makes this hotel so special.

Upon your arrival, we will meet you at the hotel before dinner. Next morning after breakfast we will take you to a ranch where you will meet our horses and a guide – your travel companions during the next couple of days.


Your vacation is complete with several riding trips:


Lighthouse Marlera trip (c. 3 hours of riding):

We ride through forest tracks and meadows to reach the sea, and then along the coast up to the pebble bay, where the summer months are home to an unforgettable experience of bathing with horses. After that, we continue through the untouched nature with a beautiful view at the sea and islands to Cape Marlera with the lighthouse built in 1882, and situated on the lone cliffs themselves, a mere 25 m from the coast. It offers a breath-taking view: surrounding islands, Cres, Losinj, the Velebit in the background... Essentially, a place for all those who want to revel in the piece and beauty of nature, as if they were alone in their very own corner of paradise. In the end, we return to the ranch, with plenty of opportunities for galloping for more experienced riders. 


Seva trip (c. 2h of riding):

We set off from the ranch riding through wooden paths and meadows up to a Malvasia vineyard, Istria's most widespread wine sort. Dry, gold-yellow wine with shades of green. It is rich, with a recognizable aroma and rounded taste. Riding through the vineyards we arrive at long meadows, a great place of galloping all the way to the forest track that takes you back to the ranch.


Valtura excursion

First day, c. 4 h ride:

The adventure begins! We start off at the ranch riding through wooden paths and meadows to the sea, where we continue along the beach through intact nature with a beautiful view stretching across the sea and the islands. We then come to a quiet bay where we rest our horses and dine next to the sea, followed by a ride across the wild nature to the traditional Istrian village of Valtura. It is known for its rich cultural and historical heritage. The most precious finding is Nezakcij, an archeologist's delight situated only 2 km from the village.


Second day, c. 3 h:

Shorty after riding off, we tour the ancient town of Nezakcij. Its architecture dates back to the Bronze age. It was a political and religious center and the capital of the tribal federation of Histrians. A decisive battle took place here in 177. B.C. between the Romans and the Histrians, after which Nezakcij became a roman military outpost. We continue along forest tracks to vineyards and olive gardens, before we gallop our way back to the ranch. The lovely sound of birds and insects, and the scents of meadows and forests complete our day's excursion. 


One-day excursion to Cape Kamenjak Nature Park, c. 6h: Right after breakfast, we ride off to Cape Kamenjak, the narrowest and head-most part of the Istrian peninsula. It is distinguished by its well-developed coastline with over 30 picturesque coves, surrounded by the crystal-clear sea. Within the archipelago there are 11 uninhabited small islands. It takes us three hours to reach Kamenjak, riding through the istrian macchia to Pomer, where we cross the narrow bridge over the sea to the other side of the coast and arrive at the protected region of Donji Kamenjak. There, we climb the top of the hill which offers a thrilling view over the entire Riviera of Medulin on one side, and the open sea and Porer lighthouse on the other. Upon arrival to Kamenjak, we relax, swim and dine grilled dishes, and you also have a chance to see replicas of dinosaurs, which used to inhabit this region. At the end of the day, take the same way back to Medulin.


Local excursion, c. 2 h:

Setting off from the ranch, we ride through forest tracks and meadows to reach the sea where we ride along the beach, and then return to the ranch across the intact nature with a exquisite view at the sea and islands. The experienced riders have plenty of opportunity for galloping. This is an ideal day to tour Pula (10 km), Istria's largest city, the place of antique beauties, and sightseeing, particularly the amphitheater.



PRICE: per person in euro €  

Program Price MS HS
A several day trip 870 90 150
Single rooms 98    
Shared Transfer Pula Airport 1-4 person 20    
Shared Transfer Rijeka Airport (Krk) 1-4 person 170    
Shared Transfer Ljubljana airport (SLO) 1-4 person 210    
Shared Transfer Station Koper (SLO) 1-4 person 125    
Shared Transfer Ronchi dei Legionari Trieste (IT) airport 1 to 4 person 165    
Shared Transfer Station Trieste (IT) 1-4 person 140    



Dates in 2015 

01.01. - 14.06. / 13.09. - 31.12. Off-season 14.06. - 05.07. / 23.08. - 13.09. Mid season 05.07. - 23.08. High season




Double room. Full board, the Trail also table wine (except 1st and 7th day).

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